Gender Pay Update – 2024

At Clece Care Services, we uphold a resolute commitment to fostering equal opportunities within our diverse team, transcending age, gender, race, or background. We dedicate our services to promoting wellbeing for our teams. This is highlighted to our pledges through our Social Value Quality Mark and commitment as a real Living Wage employer. In alignment with this commitment, we are pleased to share our latest gender pay report, reflecting our continuous dedication to equality.

This summary report is based on a comprehensive analysis of all payments made to Clece Care Services employees, reported April 2023.

Our team comprises various integral groups and departments, including the 

  • Head Office teams,
  • Branch Offices,
  • Field-Based Operational Teams, such as our dedicated Care Workers.

At Clece Care Services, career advancement is a priority, and we proudly cite numerous instances of individuals who have escalated from caregiving roles to managerial or administrative positions within our organisation during this period.

Pay Quartiles

This table outlines the gender distribution at Clece Care Services across four pay quartiles.

Report DateCompany% Women in lower pay quartile% Women in lower middle pay quartile% Women in upper middle pay quartile% Women in top pay quartile
05-Apr-23All Care (GB) Ltd – 0510034183.70%84.60%90.40%87.50%
05-Apr-23Dale Care – 0279594695.80%91.70%94.70%93.60%
05-Apr-23Hartwig Care Ltd – 0387227082.00%78.00%75.00%68.00%
05-Apr-23Universal Care Services (UK) Ltd – 0692367182.20%87.70%86.30%91.70%
05-Apr-23Call-In Homecare Ltd – SC15776778.30%73.00%80.90%77.40%
05-Apr-23Homecarers (Liverpool) Ltd – 0372997895.00%95.00%96.00%84.00%
05-Apr-23Merseyside Julie Ann Ltd – 0414105086.70%81.10%91.80%84.90%

Gender Pay Gap
We acknowledge a minor gender pay gap at Clece Care Services, where the average hourly earnings of our male employees are slightly higher than those of our female employees. This discrepancy largely stems from a higher proportion of men in fewer administrative roles, set against our predominantly female workforce, alongside the preference of part-time hours for many colleagues. Additionally, the preference of part-time contracts for numerous female employees in the field, in comparison to our predominately office-based men team members, impacts these figures. Having a predominantly female workforce means that even small fluctuations in the male workforce can have a significant impact upon our Gender Pay Gap.

Pay Gap Across Departments
It is our strict policy to maintain equal pay for male and female employees across all departments and levels within the organization. We ensure fairness and transparency in compensation, regardless of gender.

Report DateCompany% Difference in hourly rate (Mean)% Difference in hourly rate (Median)
05-Apr-23All Care (GB) Ltd – 051003410.60%-3.10%
05-Apr-23Dale Care – 0279594610.00%2.80%
05-Apr-23Hartwig Care Ltd – 038722705.30%2.20%
05-Apr-23Universal Care Services (UK) Ltd – 06923671-5.40%-3.00%
05-Apr-23Call-In Homecare Ltd – SC1577671.40%-0.70%
05-Apr-23Homecarers (Liverpool) Ltd – 037299789.40%1.20%
05-Apr-23Merseyside Julie Ann Ltd – 041410503.40%0.00%

Bonus Gap
Regarding bonuses, which are infrequently awarded and predominantly allocated to operational managers based on criteria such as quality, compliance, and financial outcomes, there exists a difference in the distribution between male and female employees.

Report DateCompany% Who received bonus pay (Women)% Who received bonus pay (Men)% Difference in bonus pay (Mean)% Difference in bonus pay (Median)
05-Apr-23All Care (GB) Ltd – 051003417.80%8.90%-185.90%58.10%
05-Apr-23Dale Care – 0279594650.00%50.00%50.00%50.00%
05-Apr-23Hartwig Care Ltd – 038722700.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%
05-Apr-23Universal Care Services (UK) Ltd – 0692367181.60%76.20%10.70%32.20%
05-Apr-23Call-In Homecare Ltd – SC1577670.80%1.00%-46.70%20.00%
05-Apr-23Homecarers (Liverpool) Ltd – 0372997845.00%33.00%80.00%54.90%
05-Apr-23Merseyside Julie Ann Ltd – 041410507.50%12.20%-13.80%0.00%

We certify that all data presented herein has been compiled in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. At Clece Care Services, we are passionate and unwavering in our commitment to not only meet but exceed the standards of care and equality within our community and among our esteemed colleagues.

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